Discovered by surf lovers in the 80’s it became soon of the most famous beaches in Brazil, welcoming a great number of tourists every year.

It seems utopian, but it is real. In Pipa everything shines with a different light and things just happen.

Nothing disturbs, everybody knows each other. A super cosmopolitan village, where it is possible to meet people from everywhere, speaking all the languages.

Because of its beauty, perennial sunny beaches, environmental protection of the Atlantic forest, dunes, coconut palms, cliffs, natural pools and its population itself, a perfect combination between natives and immigrants from Brazil and several places in the world emerged here. A safe, simple and very safe community.

All these features make Pipa a unique and special place for those who visit it and for those who, surrendered by its life spirit, decide to invest, live here and choose it as the best location for their second home.

Anyway, talking about Pipa is talking about quality of life!
Simplicity and refinement are mixed here in a more than charming alchemy.